Turnaround Management & Re-Structuring

HollandBiZZ re-structures medium to large sized enterprises in financial distress, without involving receivership or bankruptcy.  We do this by making them profitable again using their own assets. From preliminary analysis, a plan of action and tailor made corporate smart legal solutions to financial recuperation of the business.

In particular during periods of insolvency, debtor and creditor monitoring, pro forma balance sheet scenario's and realistic forecasting are crucial to improve financial performance in the immediate to short term.


HollandBiZZ re-structures the management, facilitates the re-finance of assets, guides new business development, assists with the liquidation of unviable business sections and entities, organizes voluntary creditor arrangements and ‘when necessary’ organizes involuntary creditor arrangements and guides liquidation procedures to ensure the most positive end result is obtained.


Insolvency is always an unpleasant surprise, and is not merely caused by mismanagement. Nowadays banks are retrieving loans due to the recession and/or devaluation of assets; debtors do not pay on time; or due to sanctions placed by governments, trades are on hold for a while.


HollandBiZZ enables medium to large businesses to re-finance their assets in order to generate substantial free cash flow.  Newly generated liquidity revitalizes subsidiary businesses and projects at more favorable terms.


Through strong relationships with European banks, and access to substantial investment funds and venture capital, HollandBiZZ is in a unique position to facilitate the re-financing of assets using more conventional methods.


HollandBiZZ has experienced consulting capacity in turnaround management, structured finance, strategic management, business development, human resources, accounting and the implementation of legislation in different jurisdictions.

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